It's more than a TEE, it's a statement of LOVE

Loving Me Tees

Loving Me Tees is a self-love apparel brand created to empower females to love and accept themselves from the inside out. Our Tees are statements of love celebrating self-love and body positivity. Our Tees come in black or white, because when it comes to love, there is no gray space.

We believe that self-love begins with the loving relationship we create with ourselves. We must eliminate the negative words that we speak to ourselves and replace them with affirmations of love and acceptance. For we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. 

We want all females to nourish the foundation of their love, embrace their inner and outer beauty and boldly love who they have been created to be. Whether you are starting or renewing your #lovejourney, we want every female to choose to love themselves.

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What's Inside The Love Box

Loving Me Tees has crafted Love Boxes with each t-shirt order with tools necessary to aid in building the foundation of your love.

Each Love Box contains:

  • 1 Statement Tee 
    • Wear your Loving Me Tee with love & confidence. Own it! 
  • 4 Affirmations Cards
    • Read the affirmation cards aloud daily. Post them to your mirrors or doors, keeping them visible. Affirm your love and acceptance of self
  • 1 #lovejourney Journal
    • Write in your journal daily. Write what you love about yourself. Each day add to the list and keep growing your love.

We want you to fall in love with the most beautiful soul on the planet, YOU. Take a moment to soak it all in and cherish the journey to truly loving you.

 xo, eleana

Loving Me Tees Owner

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